Composing an invitation

The registration process for the event is ready for use. We only have to inform our target audience and persuade them to sign up. This can be done by sending an email invitation. Two tips on composing the invitation:

Personal elements
An invitation is a personal message and besides that, you want to emphasize your relationship with your customer. That is why we advise you to use a personal salutation or personalization such as: ’Dear Sir/Madam Surname’ or ‘Dear First Name’. You can do this in the message itself or in the subject line. A salutation is added by clicking the {p} icon. Another nice addition to your email is adding a picture of the account manager or a contact person.

Link to the landing page
Place an eye-catching ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) with a link to the form. Select the link type link to a webpage in Spotler.

Just as you did with the emails in step 1, the invitation is composed in the module Messages. Click here for additional information on the module Messages.