Registration form confirmation and notification message

After filling in the form, it is nice to receive a confirmation via email. Besides that, you perhaps want to be notified instantly when someone registers. In this step we will create the confirmation and notification message and we will make sure that they are sent out automatically.

It makes no difference if you are composing a newsletter, confirmation or notification. Composing a message in Spotler is always done in the same way with the module Messages. Go to the module Messages overview and click the New message button.

A three-step process is initiated:

  1. Settings
  2. Delivery
  3. Message

You will go through the above-mentioned steps twice. Once for the confirmation email and once for the notification. More information on how this is done can be found in the module Messages description.

Composing a confirmation

Go through the 3 steps for composing a message. In step 3 you can create the HTML version for which you can use the tips mentioned below.

Personal elements
A confirmation is a 1-on-1 message. It is not a bulk email that is sent to a large audience at the same time. For this type of message, we advise you to use a personal salutation. That can be done with the following format: ’Dear Sir/Madam Surname’ or less formal ‘Dear First Name’. A salutation is added by pressing the {p} icon while you are editing your text.

Event information
Obviously, you are going to mention all the important event information. For instance: the date, time, location, programme, route and parking information.

Add to calendar
Make the option available to your respondents to add the event to their calendar by adding a link to an ICS file. This is a standard file type that is used for opening and saving calendar items in Outlook calendar, Gmail and iCalendar. How do you create an ICS file? Open your own Outlook calendar and create a calendar item for your event. Save the item as an .ics file with the “save as” option. Upload this file to the Documents module and add a link to this file in the confirmation email. 

Form transcript
It can be nice for a respondent if they receive a transcript of the form they filled in. By adding a content block of the type Form transcript to the confirmation message, a transcript containing all the data will be added.

Contact data
Specify all your contact data so you can easily be contacted for things like unsubscriptions.

Composing the notification 

Just as with the confirmation email you compose the notification in the module Messages. Again, create a new message and go through the 3-step process. For the notification to your colleagues (and yourself) we recommend to add a form transcript – in this way the respondent’s data will be immediately available for you to take action on.

Changing the message status (H2)

Are you completely satisfied with your messages and you have tested them thoroughly? Change the status to Final.


Selecting Follow-up emails 

The confirmation and notification messages are ready. Now we must make sure that the messages are automatically sent as soon as the form has been filled. This can be done inside the form you created in the module Forms. The follow-up emails can be configured in step 4. The following options will be visible and you can select a confirmation and notification message.


Waarschuwing.jpg Do you miss the step to select the follow-up e-mails?
if you have access to the module Campaigns, a different approach applies. You can set up the confirmation and notification messages as an automated campaign in the module Campaigns.