Creating a webpage for event registration

The form is ready to use. In this step you will add the form to a webpage. Webpages can be part of your own website and can be composed in the corresponding Content Management System (CMS). However, Spotler offers you the possibility of composing them with the help of the module Webpages. This is what we will be doing next.


Creating a webpage 

You start creating a new webpage by going to module Webpages Overview and clicking the New webpage button. A screen will open in which you can specify the name of the webpage. The name of the webpage you specify here will only be visible to yourself and your colleagues and will not be shown to your visitors. Select Webpage under Page type. After adding a name and selecting the page type you click Save and continue.


Editing a webpage 

In step 2 you click Edit. A fullscreen editor will open. Just like in the case of the module Messages, you can use the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. To get you started, a template will be loaded in which the layout and other visual elements have already been set up.


Adding the form

During the creation of the landing page we will add the form that we created earlier. In the tool palette on the left side of your screen you will see a separate content block type named Form.


Add this content block to your landing page and double-click it to select the right form from the module Forms. The webpages styling will be applied to your form. Save the page and click Close editor at the top of your screen.