Editing welcome campaign

The standard welcome campaign that has already been set up in Spotler and can be found in the module Campaigns.


Hover your mouse pointer in the Overview of the Campaigns module. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on Edit. The campaign flow will open in a new screen. Each automated campaign in Spotler can be set up in a two-step process:

  1. Setting up Campaign triggers
    A starting trigger causes the campaign to start. It tells Spotler something needs to be done. What initiates an automated campaign?
  1. Setting up Campaign steps
    The trigger tells Spotler that an action needs to take place. What that action should be can be decided in the second step.

The welcome campaign trigger (a registration form has been filed) has already been set up properly. We just want to add some additional messages to the campaign.

Adding campaign steps 

One of the campaign steps has already been set up. One of the campaign steps, the one in which the confirmation email is sent immediately after subscribing, has already been set up for you. The message has been optimized and added to the module Messages, no additional actions are required.

The new messages you have created can be added by clicking the Add step button.

A pop-up will appear.

Click on Send email. On the following screen, you can name the step (for example, sending profile enrichment email) and you can select the message and the time of sending.


Follow this same process to add a third or a fourth campaign step.

Tip.jpg Applying filters
You have the option to use target audience filters in your campaign steps. You can apply them by selecting Filter. This is how you can select different filters to create several variations of the confirmation email depending on the recipient’s language, location or interests. You need to add a campaign step for each version. This means that you will have a campaign step for sending the confirmation email for location A, to which you have applied a filter for location A. The same thing can be done for other locations.


Click on Save to complete the campaign.

Activating the campaign 

To activate a campaign, you change your campaign status to Active. Click on Status in the dropdown menu next to the campaign whose status you want to change. A pop-up will appear where you can change the status by clicking on Active.