Getting started with Spotler

When you are using Spotler for the first time, it helps to know its structure. For instance, did you know that there are always an Overview and an Archive in each module? And that every Overview has a prominent yellow button for that module's main action? For instance, the Messages module has a New message button. There are more similarities like that between the modules. Read more about how Spotler is structured in this introduction.

Getting started

Log in to Spotler and the dashboard will open.


In this screen, you will see:

  • Modules on the left: these modules allow you to perform actions, such as composing a message.
  • Your profile menu at the bottom left: here, you will find i.e. your personal details, but also your account settings.
  • On the right side of your dashboard: information about your database growth, communication value and the effectiveness of your latest mailings.


The left side of your dashboard shows modules for various actions.


Module Explanation
Mailings The place to be for sending messages and finding reports of your mailings.
Automations Automate mailings for personal communication and send the right message at the right time. 
Messages Create your newsletter, campaign message or SMS message.
Webpages  Place the entire content of your article, form or survey on a web page.
Forms Create forms to collect contact information.
Surveys Create surveys, such as a customer satisfaction survey.
Lists In this module you manage your contacts.
Images Upload and manage images.
Documents Upload and manage documents.


Profile menu

On the bottom left of the modules list, you will find your profile menu. If you click on it, a menu will expand:

Item Explanation
My profile Here you can change your personal profile information, such as your password.
Settings Here, you can find your account information, such as licenses, integrations and users. It is also possible to sign here your processor agreement with Spotler. 


On the right side of your screen is the Dashboard.


The dashboard shows you:

  • A home page message about something that is relevant at that moment, such as information about the GDPR
  • An overview of your total mailing results and added contacts plus sources
  • The Spotler Help Center, for immediately getting answers to your questions
  • Contact information for getting support
  • Your partner's information
  • Recently sent mailings

Report sources

Next to the headline Added contacts you see the button Report.


When you click the button Report, you will see a new screen with an overview of sources. You will see:

  • Total of contacts per source
  • Total of contacts and sources the last 6 months