Introduction Documents

From within a message or webpage it’s possible to link to a document, such as a PDF. The Documents module is the location in Spotler where you can add and edit documents for your newsletter, campaign emails and webpages. You can add documents of the following types: PDF, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Getting started

You would like to get started with the Documents module. Click on the Documents module in the menu on the left. Now you see the overview screen of the module.


At the top of this screen you will see the following items:

  1. View and upload documents in the Overview.
  2. All archived images can be found in the Archive.
  3. The Archive tab. Click on this tab to get started with archived documents.
  4. The yellow button New document. By clicking on the yellow button New document you can upload a new document.
  5. The button Help.Click on the Help button and a popup appears where you can search for articles within the Spotler Help Center.

Would you like to know how you can upload documents? Go to the New document description.