New list

After clicking the yellow button New list, you will start a step-by-step plan for composing a dynamic list.

Getting started

Once you click on New list, you will see the following step-by-step plan:


The step-by-step plan consist of the following two steps:


Step 1 - Properties

When you are in the submenu New list, you can immediately enter a name for your list.


  • Firstly, name your list. Think of a clever name for your list. For example: Non-openers mailing June 2019 or Subscribers client event. This way you can always easily locate the correct list.
  • The Author field will be prefilled with your account name and the field Creation date will be filled with the date your list has been created.

Step 2 - Content

After you have completed step 1, you will be taken to the screen of step 2. The screen looks like this:


Click on the blue Edit button to open the editor. Here you determine the content of your list. In the editor you can add target audience filters and suppression's. When you’re finished with the editor, save your list, and you will see the list in the overview screen.

Are you working with the editor for the first time or do you need help? Go to Dynamic lists editor.