Introduction Webpages

The Webpages module is the place in Spotler where you can create, edit and manage (single) webpages. You can, for example, from within your email message point to a webpage that contains more information. Examples of webpages:

  • A ‘Read more’ page containing a newsletter’s full article
  • Subscription page
  • Profile enrichment page
  • A page containing a customer satisfaction form
  • Event registration page

Getting started

You would like to get started with the Webpages module. Click on Webpages module in the menu on the left. The module’s overview screen will then appear:


At the top of this screen you will see the following five buttons:

  1. The blue highlighted Overview tab. If you would like to know more about working with the overview screen, please read the instructions in Webpages Overview.
  2. The tab Thank you pages. Would you like to learn how to create a thank you page? Go to the instructions on Thank you pages.
  3. Want to work on your archived messages? Click on Archive.
  4. The pink button New page. Use this to create new pages or edit existing ones.
  5. The Help buttonClick on the Help button and a popup appears where you can search for articles within the Spotler Help Center.


Tip.jpg Tabs Overview, Thank you pages, Archive and buttons Create new page and Help 
With these three tabs and two buttons you can switch between the main functions of the module Webpages. Regardless of your current location in the module, these five options will remain visible. 


Are you looking for the webpage editor? Go to the description Webpages Editors.