Trend reports

In the Mailings module of Spotler, you can make use of trend reports. Trend reports are made from similar mailings. For example, you can compile all your newsletters to customers from the past months (or years) in one trend report. Newsletters to prospects or all service messages can be compiled in their own trend reports as well.

Getting started 

Go to the tab Trend reports and you will see the following overview:


From this Overview, you can:

  1. Create a trend report by clicking the pink button New report. Do you need help? If you would like to know more, you can read about it in New trend report.
  2. View, edit, change visibility, rename, delete, and remove the existing trend reports by using the drop-down menu.

Tip.jpg Rearrange columns Name, Visibility and Goal
Move your cursor across the titles of the columns in the Trend report menu. You will see two arrows light up next to the Name, Visibility and Goal columns. 


New trend report

Click the pink button New trend report. A step-by-step plan will open.


The step-by-step plan consists of three steps:

Step 1 - Properties

Once you have reached the submenu New trend report, you can indicate the properties of your trend report: name of the trend report, goal of the trend report, and type of content.

  • Give your trend report a name. Make sure it describes its intent, so that you know which type of mailings you are linking to this trend report.
  • Select the type of target group that is associated with this trend report. The options are: B2B, B2C or Other.
  • Choose the type of content the collection of mailings has.


Step 2 - Target folder

In the second step, you determine in which folder the mailings of the trend report end up. Select an existing folder from the Overview or create a new folder.


Step 3 - Reports

Do you or does your colleague want to receive a trend report automatically? Step 3 allows you to configure this option. That way, you don't have to log in to Spotler to view your reports.


Indicate who should receive the reports and when.


Waarschuwing.jpg Why isn't the last mailing that I sent included in the trend report?
The last mailing you sent is included in the trend report after two weeks. Only then is there a representative picture of how the mailing performed.


View trend report 

Trend reports allow you to analyze how your mailings perform over time. It is a personal benchmark with which you continuously monitor your mailing activities. How does your mailing perform when it's sent to customers? And when it's sent to prospects? Are there still enough click-throughs? Is there an upward trend? These are just some questions you can answer with a trend report.

View the trend report by clicking View in the drop-down menu.


A new screen pops up:


The report consists of three parts:

  • In the header, you will see an overall action: Refresh.
  • On the left side you will see general information, such as the start date of the trend report.
  • On the right you see the details of your reports, consisting of several tabs.



In the header, you will see just two options, which is export the report and refreshing the report:



General information

On the left side of the report you see the following general information:

  • Start date
  • Last mailing sent
  • Number of mailings
  • Target folder
  • Report: When is the trend report sent automatically and to whom.


Report details

The detailed information about the performance of your mailing is divided into tabs:


  1. Impact
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Viral effect
  4. Conversion (only for Spotler eCommerce)
  5. Subcriber retention


1.  Impact 

This tab shows a general dashboard of the trend reports.


This tab is displayed in four sections:

  • Mailing results: how many mailings included in the trend report have been sent, accepted, opened and received click-throughs.
  • Conversion results: if you have Spotler eCommerce you will see also the conversion results, like orders.
  • Emails sent: a trend report of your number of emails sent over a certain period of time.
  • Details of emails sent: this table shows the send date, number of emails sent, number of emails delivered and acceptance rate per mailing of the mailings included in the trend report.


2. Effectiveness

This tab shows you the average effectiveness of your mailings:


This tab consists of two parts:

  1. Mailing rates: the trend results of the delivery, opens and click-throughs.
  2. Details of mailing rates: this table shows the delivery rate, open rate and click-through rate per mailing of the mailings included in the trend report.

3. Conversion (only Spotler eCommerce)

What is the average conversion of your mailings. View this in the Conversion tab.


This tab consists of three parts:

  • Turnover per mailing: View your average turnover over time in this graph.
  • Online store rates: View both your average shopping cart ratio and the order ratio.
  • Details online store rates


4. Viral effect 

What is the impact of your mailings on third parties? You can find out in the tab Viral effect.


This tab consists of two parts:

  1. Social share clicks: the impact of social media on third parties.
  2. Details of social share clicks: the social share clicks for each mailing included in the trend report.

5.  Subscriber retention

What is the impact of your mailings on your database?


This tab consists of two parts:

  • Target group retention rate: View your hard bounces, unsubscriptions and soft bounces over a period of time.
  • Details of target group retention rate: view the retention details for each mailing included in the trend report.