Survey reports

Through the overview screen of the Forms module, you can view reports of your forms. Open the dropdown-menu in this overview screen and click on Reports. Once you have clicked on Reports, the following screen will appear:


In this screen, you will see:

  1. General information about your form on the left side.
  2. In the header, an icon for refreshing the reports, a Help button and a button for closing the reports.
  3. The tab Impact.

The tab Impact 

In this screen, you will see:

  • Total number of reactions
  • Number of reactions in a graph over a certain period of time
  • Number of reactions cumulatively

It is possible to export the respondents with reactions. To do this, right-click the table next to the pie chart.


Next, click on Export and a CSV file will be exported.

Test responses

It is possible to delete test responses in the results of the forms as well. Do this when you have finished testing the form and before you give it Final status. All responses to a form that are set to Draft or Test are registered as a test response.

You can see the test responses here:


Right-click or use the drop-down menu to delete the test responses.

Bewust.jpg Are you using the Event Planner in your form?
If so, it is important that you clean up your test responses. If you don't do this, spots in your event will be occupied unnecessarily.