Introduction Surveys

The Surveys module is the place in Spotler for creating and managing surveys. But what is the difference between a survey and a form? A form is used to collect contact data and to use it functionally. For instance, you need an email address to be able to send an email to the contact. In a survey, the goal is to evaluate. The Surveys module therefore has different types of question options than the Forms module.

You can use a survey as an evaluation tool after:

  • An event
  • A course
  • A study on what the reader of your newsletter would like to read
  • A customer satisfaction survey

And these are just a few examples.

Getting started

You would like to get started with the Surveys module. Click on the Surveys module in the menu on the left. An overview of the module will pop up:


In this screen, you will see the following four buttons at the top:

  1. The tab Overview, highlighted in blue. If you would like to know how get started straight from the overview screen, please read the instructions in Survey overview.
  2. The tab Archive. Want to get started with your archived surveys? Please click on Archive.
  3. The pink button New survey. Want to create a new survey? Then click on New survey.
  4. The button Help. Click on the Help button and a popup appears where you can search for articles within the Spotler Help Center.
Tip.jpg Tabs Overview, Archive and the buttons New survey and Help
With these two tabs and two buttons, you can switch between the key functions of the Surveys module. No matter where you are in the module, these four will always remain visible. 


Are you looking for the survey editor? Then go to the instructions of the Surveys Editors.