In Spotler, it is possible to add contacts manually as well as to import a complete file. Of course, the last one is more efficient for a larger group of contacts.

Importing a list can be done in two separate locations in the module Lists.

  1. In the Static lists tab you will see a yellow button named Import list. When you click on this you will automatically enter the first step of the importing process in the Imports The option Static lists will be selected by default.
  2. From the Imports tab, you can click the yellow New import This will initiate a step-by-step plan for the import process.

Naturally you are going to need a contacts file to be able to import your contacts. An in-depth explanation on creating this file can be found in Preparing the file.

Getting started

As soon as you click on the Imports tab, the following screen will appear:


From this screen you can:

View the report
View the report of your previous imports. Hover your mouse cursor over the imports and a Report button will appear. As soon as you click on this button you will see the following popup:


At the left side you will see:

  • Import date
  • Destination (dynamic or static list)
  • User

At the right side you will see:

The details about the file during the import

  • How many contacts the file contains
  • Invalid contacts
  • Duplicate contacts
  • Email addresses in quarantine
  • Valid contacts

The details about valid contacts

  • Number of valid contacts
  • Inactive contacts
  • Modified contacts
  • Modified: with an active email address
  • Modified: with an active mobile number 
  • New contacts

Click on the button Close editor if you would like to return to the import overview.

Start a new import

Import a new list with clicking the yellow button New import. Do you need an instruction to import a new file? Read the instruction New import.


Tip.jpg Rearranging the colums Name, Valid records and Import date
Hover your mouse cursor over the titles of the column names in the Imports screen. You will see two arrows light up next to the column names Name, Valid records and Import date. With this you can sort lists alphabetically, by the number of valid records, by Import date descending or ascending and sort by Actions.