Static lists

In the Static lists tab you can create a fixed selection. This means that you will make a selection in advance, for example from your CRM. A static list contains a set number of contacts and, unlike dynamic lists, it does not work based on filters. A static list can be useful for a one-time mailing. For example, a mailing to all non-openers of your newsletter.

Getting started

Click in the overview screen on Static lists and you will see the following:


From this screen you can:

Manage and edit folders
Create new folders by clicking the plus symbol next to folders or sort folders by clicking the double arrow symbol. Would you like to edit existing folders? Open the editing menu by clicking the round symbol. Want to know more about the possibilities of this editing menu? Go to Editing menus for folders and static lists.

Manage static lists
Manage existing static lists via the editing menu which you can open by clicking the round symbol that lights up at the right side of your screen. Want to know more about the possibilities this editing menu offers? Go to Editing menus for folders and static lists.

Selecting and moving multiple messages
Select multiple static lists at the same time by checking the boxes in front of the lists names. In the upper right corner, you will see a round symbol with an arrow become highlighted which can be used to open the editing menu for moving static lists. In front of this button you will see the number of selected lists.

As soon as you click on the button you will see the following editing menu open:


Using the Move function, you can move the static lists to one of your existing folders.


Tip.jpg Sorting the columns Name and Date modified
Hover your mouse cursor over the titles of the column names in the Static lists screen. You will see two arrows light up next to the column names Name and Date modified. This allows you to sort lists alphabetically, by size and by date they have been added descending or ascending.


Editing menus for folders and static lists

In Static lists you can open the following three drop-down menus:

  1. The drop-down menu for folders by clicking on the round symbol with the highlighted arrow that appears when you hover your cursor over the folders.
  2. The drop-down menu for static lists by clicking the round symbol with the arrow that lights up when you hover your mouse cursor over your static lists.
  3. The dropdown menu for static lists can also be found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen when you tick the checkboxes of multiple static lists.

The menus look like this:




Explanation of the functions in the Editing menu Folders

 Rename  Change the name of your list folder
 Delete Delete your list folder.

Explanation of the function in the editing menu Static lists:

 View See all contacts that are on your static list.
 Export Export your static list.
 Rename Change the name of your static list.
 Move Move your static list to a folder.
 Delete Delete your static list.


Import a static list

If you would like to import a static list, click on the pink Import list button. You will jump from the Static lists tab to Import and a step-by-step plan will start. Would you like to know how to import a list? Go to New Import.