Introduction Lists

All the contacts that you have imported or contacts that have subscribed via a subscription form can be found in the Lists module. This is the place where you can view, edit and export your contacts.

Your email contacts are organized in lists. There are static lists (a static selection of contacts) and dynamic lists (where the number of contacts is variable). There is also an overview of all your contacts available.

Getting started

You want to get started with the Lists module. Click on Lists module in the left menu. You will see the overview screen of the module:


At the top of this screen you will see the following four tabs and two buttons:

  1. The blue highlighted tab Dynamic lists. If you would like to know how you can get started immediately from the Dynamic lists screen, read the Dynamic lists instruction.
  2. The tab Static lists. If you would like to import a static selection of your contacts, do this by clicking the Static lists tab.
  3. The tab Contacts. Go to the overview of all your contacts by clicking the Contacts tab.
  4. The tab Import. Import contacts into Spotler via this tab. If you want to know how to get started with importing, read the instruction on Import.
  5. The yellow button New list. Want to compose a new list or edit an existing list? Read more about this subject in New List.
  6. The Help button. Click on the Help button and a popup appears where you can search for articles within the Spotler Help Center.


Tip.jpg Important: preparing your file for import in Spotler
To go smoothly through the Spotler import process, it is good to take a look at the file structure of your contacts file. Read more about this in Preparing the file.


Are you fully informed of how to prepare your file for import and do you want to get started immediately? Go to Dynamic lists editor or New import.