New mailing

After you have clicked the yellow button New mailing, you start a step-by-step plan for creating a message.

Once you have clicked on New mailing, you will see the following step-by-step plan:


The step-by-step plan consists of the following five steps:

Step 1 - Message

Once you have reached the submenu New mailing:

  • Give your mailing a name which describes its intent. For instance: Prospects Newsletter January 2019. Please note this is not your subject line. The name of your mailing is for internal use only.
  • If you wish to send a mailing, choose Email under Type. Choose SMS if you wish to send a text message.
  • Select the message you want to schedule for sending.
  • You can check the thickbox to archive your mailing after sending.


After you have selected the message, you will see a preview of your message and underneath that the input field for the name of your mailing.


Waarschuwing.jpg Can't select the message?
Or are you unable to select the message? If that is the case, the message does not have the Final status.  It is only possible to select messages that have the Final status in the Mailings module. That way, it is impossible to send out a test message by accident.


Step 2 - Target group

In this step, you decide whether the newsletter is sent to a Dynamic list, Static list, or Not opened.


As default you will see Dynamic List. Choose the right list for your mailing.

Step 3 - Settings

Would you like to keep trend reports of your mailings and include this newsletter in them? Then select the trend report this newsletter should be linked to. Optionally, you can select a (target) folder from the overview screen in which your newsletter should go.


A/B settings

Did you select A/B settings? In this step, you also determine the settings for A/B testing.


Distribution A/B test segment
Use the slider to determine the size of the test groups.

Determine the winner
Do you want to determine the winner manually, or would you rather have the winning mailing sent to the residual group automatically by Spotler? If you choose the automatic option, you have to decide which value Spotler should use to determine the winner. The options are: open ratio, click-through ratio and click-through ratio based on conversion links.

Duration of the test
Indicate how long the test should last. The test duration can be indicated in hours and days.

Email notification
The email address of the user is pre-completed in this field by default. However, it can still be edited. An email notification will be sent to this email address at the end of the test.

Step 4 - Scheduling

Step 4 is where you actually schedule the newsletter for sending.


You have the option of sending the newsletter immediately. However, we do not recommend this option, as you can't change anything about the newsletter anymore after it has been sent. Allow yourself the time and chance to cancel the message if need be, should your colleague unexpectedly come to you with a necessary change. The time and day are also important factors for sending a newsletter. Sending a B2B on Friday at 6 PM is not advisable. As you send out more mailings, you will start to have a better idea of what the best time is to send them to your target group.

Time of sending A/B test
Once you have set an A/B test, you will see more options appear in step 4.


Send date/time of A/B test
First, select the moment of sending your A/B test.

Send date/time of A/B test winner
This allows you determine the Send date and time of your winning mailing. This may be different from your test duration. Suppose you indicated in the previous step that the test duration is a day, then the sending moment could take place later. If you select Immediately after test duration, Spotler will send it at the same moment the A/B test was sent.

Step 5 - Checking

Before sending your mailing, there is one final check. You will see a preview of your message, the title of your mailing, the target group and the send date/time. If you have an A/B test mailing, you will also see the details of the A/B test. Is everything in order? Then tick the box underneath Confirm and click on Save & complete.