Introduction Forms

You can use forms to attract registrations for your newsletter, for event registration and as an application method for brochures and white papers. But you can also use them as a means to collect data from your target group, so that you can personalize your messages and web pages. The module Forms is the place in Spotler for creating and managing forms.

Getting started

You would like to get started with the Forms module. Click on the Forms module in the menu on the left. An overview of the module will pop up:


In this screen, you will see the following four buttons at the top:

  1. The tab Overview, highlighted in blue. If you would like to know how get started straight from the overview window, please read the instructions in Forms Overview.
  2. The tab Archive. Want to get started with your archived forms? Please click on Archive.
  3. The yellow button New form. Please click on New form if you want to create a new form.
  4. The button Help.Click on the Help button and a popup appears where you can search for articles within the Spotler Help Center.
Tip.jpg Tabs Overview, Archive and the buttons New form and Help
With these two tabs and two buttons, you can switch between the key functions of the Forms module. No matter where you are in the module, these four will always remain visible.


Are you looking for the form editor? Then go to the instructions of Forms Editors.