Campaigns Editor

The editor of the Campaigns module:


In this screen, you will see:

  1. An editing menu in the header with grey icons and buttons.
  2. A menu on the left side with Add trigger and Add step.
  3. The canvas, consisting of the Start campaign section, where your triggers are added, and Campaign steps, which will include your steps.


1. The editing menu in the header

The editing menu in the header looks like this:


The button Save. Please make it a habit to click this button regularly.


2. Menu for adding triggers and steps

The menu for adding triggers and steps looks like this:


You will see two elements:

  • Add trigger
  • Add step

Add trigger

When should the campaign start? As in, which event or action should be the starting point for initiating a campaign? In Spotler this is called a start trigger. Please click Add trigger.

You will see a pop-up with the different types of triggers:


Choose a trigger. For each trigger, a pop-up will appear in which you can complete the key properties of the trigger. Below, you can read a short explanation of each of the triggers.

Trigger Explanation
 Form Each completed form can be a trigger for a campaign. As an example, a completed registration form can be a trigger for initiating a welcoming campaign.
However, completed registration forms for requesting white papers and brochures will function as excellent triggers, for starting your lead nurturing campaign.
Anniversary (e.g. birthday) Send a message wishing the contact a happy birthday a few days before or on their birthday and include a coupon as a ‘gift’. Develop a catchy subject line, ensuring your email stands out in the inbox between to the other birthday emails.
Personal date field In addition to a birthday, there are also other personal dates that you may consider to be relevant. Think about maintenance dates for products, contractual dates, travel dates, or dates for booked events.
Send a reminder a month in advance or monitor customer satisfaction afterwards.

Please note: the trigger only works for future dates. It is not possible to send emails after the fact in campaigns.
Survey Send Thank you email to the respondent which includes submitted data.While you are at it, take the opportunity of using the convenient internal email notification to yourself or your colleagues.
Click on a link Use this trigger for all follow-up actions after a specific link has been clicked. Looking for enriching profile data in the background? This trigger enables you to set this. Callback requests can also be triggered with ‘Click on a link’.
All clicks in your mailings can be assigned to a trigger. The only requirement: the link that should trigger the campaign must be trackable.
Fixed date trigger Regularly, dates are fixed. Events, trade fairs or customer events Events, trade fairs or customer days begin and end at the same moment for any contact. Do you want to start your event campaign with a nice email invitation and an email reminder? Then use this trigger.
Do you want to start a lead nurturing campaign on a set moment, for instance after a trade fair? Then you can use this trigger too.
External trigger Trigger Spotler campaigns through an API connection with an external system. For example, a tickbox getting checked on a contact card for a welcoming campaign, invitation for a survey or an application brochure. The related campaigns can then be triggered automatically.

Want to go deeper into the API information and triggering campaigns through the API? Then read the manual of the API.
Bounces Although bounces can be annoying they can also offer opportunities. The account managers in your organization will certainly want to follow up on them. Use this trigger in combination with the Send email notification, Send SMS or Update profile date campaign steps for automatic follow-up. Put a target group filter on the notification, to ensure correct routing to the related account manager, or yourself
Period not opened Ensure effective attention generation within your target audience. This trigger allows you to create a reactivation campaign.


Add step

Determine what should happen once the starting trigger is activated by clicking on Add step. A pop-up will appear, displaying the various campaign steps.


Step Explanation
Send email You can select all messages from the Messages module, that have been set to the Final status. You may want to send a confirmation email upon receiving a submitted form, or maybe send a birthday email once the birthday date trigger has been activated.
Send SMS Do you have your contacts' cell phone numbers? Why not send a bounced contact a text to ask them to send you their correct address? Or send a 'See you soon' text as a reminder to get to an event on time.
Send email notification Upon the reception of a completed form, completed survey or a bounce notification, follow-up adequately without having to wait until your next login by sending a notification immediately. It will provide you with accurate insights in the behavior of your audience.
Send SMS notification Keep your colleagues and yourself informed by sending SMS notification messages. Each campaign can send up to 10 SMS notification messages by leveraging this campaign step.

Please note: this option is only available for Dutch cell phone numbers.
Retarget not opened Suppose you have set a trigger on a fixed date in your event campaign and your email invitation is ready. Your goal, obviously, is to have your contacts open the invitation. Should the results be less than expected, then this campaignstep allows you to configure a secondary step to to your email invitation: Retarget not opened. You may want to send the same invitation a again, or you can select a suitable email reminder to fit the purpose. Please note that this campaign step can be configured for any campaign mail, and is not intended specifically for retargeting email invitations that have not been opened.
Retarget not clicked Similar to the step Retarget not opened (see above), but then based on clicks.
Reminder form/survey A similar concept as with opens and clicks is applicable to surveys and forms. If your contacts are not submitting surveys or forms, you can notify and remind them of your previous request. You may want to copy the campaign email that contained the survey or form allowing you to effortlessly create an email reminder.
Update profile information Update profile information is interesting for lead nurturing campaigns in which you can change the status of a contact from suspect to prospect and later to customer.
Make contact inactive This campaign step is only displayed for the Period not opened trigger. In a reactivation campaign, you can decide to differentiate your customers based on their purchase history. You can initiate a reactivation campaign for loyal customers, while setting the other group’s status to Inactive.

Have you selected a campaign step? Next, set a time at which the trigger should set off. After selecting the campaign step, the following pop-up will be displayed


You can have a campaign step go off at four different times:

  • Immediately
  • On the same day
  • At a later moment
  • On a set date and time

Select your choice. Please note the following aspects:

Immediately The trigger will set of as soon as the specified behavior occurs. For example, whenever you submit a registration form, you expect to receive a confirmation immediately, ensuring a successful registration.
On the same day This trigger will set off on the same day however, you’ll be able to configure the exact timing on that day.
Later, as in ... day(s) after the trigger Specify the number of days following your trigger and set a time. This is useful in case of, for example, lead generation campaigns, in which you may want to deploy multiple follow-up mails.
On a set date and time Configure a specific date and time. This is useful whenever you like to send a message to all contacts in your campaign simultaneously.


Bewust.jpg Have you configured the triggers Birthday, Personal date field or Period not opened?|
These will set off at midnight. Subsequently, if no time was specified the message will be sent at midnight. Hence, it’s highly recommendable to ensure a time is specified at these campaign steps.


3. The canvas

The canvas shows you an overview of the triggers and steps of your campaign:


Do you still want to make changes? You can activate the following drop-down menu for each step and trigger:



Change Change the name of the trigger or step, or other options you specified when you set the trigger or step.
Delete Delete the trigger or step. The step or trigger will not be executed, even though there were still contacts 'waiting' for the step. The deleted steps and triggers can still be found in your report.
Filter Filter your steps or triggers based on a dynamic list. The trigger or step will only go off when someone meets specific values. Or, adjust your content to a dynamic list. The trigger will then be the same, but the campaign message will be different for each contact type.


Activating a campaign

Before you can activate and test your campaign ,one more action is required. In the Overview screen, change the status of your campaign to Active. Click Change status in the drop-down menu and change the status of your campaign to Active:


Bewust.jpg Changing an active campaign to inactive
When you change an active campaign to inactive, the campaign will stop immediately. The campaign steps that were scheduled for your contacts will no longer be executed.



You can test a campaign by setting the status to Active and set off the trigger. For example, for a campaign that is triggered by a completed form, simply submit a form yourself. Spotler will then run the various steps as defined in your campaign