Introduction Campaigns

Make life easier for yourself by using the Campaigns module. Automate confirmation emails or set up a lead generation campaign while automating follow-up emails. It enables you to offer relevant and 1-1 content, since campaigns are not bulk email which increases the chances of achieving your goals.

An automated campaign in Spotler has two characteristics:

  1. It anticipates to an activity within the target audience.
    This is generally known as a trigger or an event.
  2. It's 1-on-1 communication
    An automated email is received by one recipient instead of a large audience, as is the case with (manual) newsletters. Pre-set triggers or events determine when a message is sent.

Getting started

So you do like to get started with the Campaigns module? Click on the Campaigns module in the menu on the left. An overview of the module will pop up.


In this screen, you'll see the following:

  1. The Overview tab, highlighted in blue. If you do like to understand how to get started directly from the overview window, please read the instructions in Campaigns overview.
  2. The Archive tab. Want to work on your archived campaigns? You can do so by clicking Archive get started with your archived campaigns?
  3. The yellow button New campaign. Create a new campaign? Click on New campaign.
  4. The button Help. Click on the Help button and a popup appears where you can search for articles within the Spotler Help Center.


Tip.jpg Tabs Overview, Archive and the buttons New campaign and Help
With these two tabs and two buttons, you can switch between the key functions of the Campaigns module. No matter where you are in the module, these four will always remain visible. 


Are you looking for an explanation of the campaign editor? Then continue to Campaigns editor.