How do I create a new list in Spotler?

In Dynamic lists in the module Lists you see the primary button Create list. A step-by-step plan starts. The first step is Properties. Enter a name and click on Save & next. Click on the button Edit to open the editor. You add selection criteria by clicking on Selection on the left. A pop-up appears. Click on Add refinement and pick a selection criteria someone has to meet to end up in the list. When you click Add refinement again, you can add another criteria. Do you want someone to meet several criteria all at once. Then click on Add refinement in the same pop-up screen.

Suppose you want someone in The Hague as well as someone in Rotterdam in the same selection. Click on the button Selection. Create a selection with City “The Hague”.  Next, create a new selection. Click on the button Selection and create a selection with City “Rotterdam”. Now, both contacts in The Hague and Rotterdam can appear in the list.

The function Exclusion works the same way as Selection, but now you make sure that contacts will be excluded from a list when they meet certain selection criteria.