How do I add someone to my test group?

When testing a message, it is best to send the message to a test group. Add email addresses of yourself and your colleagues of multiple email providers, such as Hotmail and Gmail. You can add a contact to a test group by adding a contact in the contacts overview. Click on the button New contact. A pop up appears showing the database fields of Spotler.



If you scroll down, you will see the Test group option under the Profile information.


Tick the checkbox if you want to add a contact to the test group.

Add multiple contacts to a test group at the same time

Do you have several colleagues that you want to add to a test group? Then it is also possible to add it in one go, instead of manually via a contact card. You use the import option for this. Make sure you have your colleagues in an Excel, TXT or CSV file. It is useful for testing if you have filled in a number of personal fields such as First Name and Last Name. This way you can check whether the personalization fields also work properly when testing. You also need the field Test group_Yes in your file with the value Y or yes. Do you use different test groups, because you work with different departments, for example? Then it is useful to also include this as a column.

An example of a file:


Import the file with the option All contacts and follow the import steps as usual.

Remove multiple contacts from the test group at once

It is possible to remove several people from a test group at once. You then use the same principle as described above, but then you make sure that the test group is not set to Yes. Enter an N or no at the column Test group_Yes.

By the way, it is sufficient to only import an email address and the status of the test group. This way you do not accidentally overwrite other data such as First Name.

An example of a file: