How do I edit my saved templates?

You have previously saved your own template and want to edit it. You do this in the editor of the Messages module.

    1. Create a new message in the v2 messages editor and then load the template you want to edit.
    2. Once you have edited the template to your satisfaction, click on the icon at the top with multiple blocks and a plus sign, as shown below.


    3. In the pop-up that opens now, you have the option to overwrite an existing template. Select this and then click on the input field to choose the name of the template you want to overwrite. Now click OK to save the edited template.

      Save as template.png

      To the right of it is a template icon. By clicking on this you can visually select the existing templates. You can also hover over it with your mouse to view the templates or change its settings. Select the one you want to overwrite and then click OK.

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