Generative AI in the Messages editor

The AI tool only works in the v2 editor of the Messages module.

We are proud to introduce the Generative AI feature in the Spotler Mail+ messages editor. This AI tool helps you generate, optimize, and translate key textual content for your messages, making your work more efficient. It can be used on various elements of a message and we step-by-step explain how it works in this article:

AI in the text

There are four options for applying AI to your text element. Click on your text element in the message, and then select the AI tab on the left, next to Desktop, Mobile, and Settings.

AI in text element.png

The options will then appear on the left. With each of these options, you choose the tone of voice of the text: professional, friendly, inspiring, witty or urgent. You can also set the maximum number of words to generate.

  1. Optimize content of current element
    The AI tool will rewrite your text based on the current input of the element, in the selected style and word count.
  2. Generate ideas
    Enter a detailed description, highlighting specific elements or themes for the AI tool to generate text.
  3. Generate content based on URL input
    Add an URL, and the AI will generate text based on the content behind the link. 
  4. Translate
    Translate the current element's content into another European language with style and word count options.

For each option, you will get three results after clicking Generate. Select the one that fits best by clicking on it and the text will immediately be placed in the current element. You can then adjust or add to the text as needed. Always read the text back carefully and check for any errors. 

AI in the heading

For the heading, there are similar options as for the text element above. There is one different option: Generate content based on text in column. This option generates text based on the textual content in the same column. Again, you can select a tone of voice, and a maximum number of words. Click Generate to get three results to choose from.

AI in the button

Button text is crucial for a message, mostly serving as a call-to-action. The AI tool offers two options here: optimize the current element's content or generate content based on text in the column.

Although both of these options are also available for the heading element described above, you will see that the results are indeed different for the button element, even with the same tone of voice and the same maximum number of words selected. The generated button text will have a more activating tone compared to the heading element. 

AI in the subject line and snippet

Finally, you can also use the AI tool to generate a subject line and snippet for the message. Different from the elements above, here you go to the General tab and click on AI, next to Desktop and Mobile. 

General AI.png

There are two options to choose from. Again, set the tone of voice and a maximum number of words for your results. You also select if you want emoticons to be used in the subject line.

  1. Use entire HTML message
    This generates a subject line and snippet based on the full HTML message. The focus will still likely be on the first article. Often this is the most important content of your message, thus the content you want to refer to with your subject line and snippet.
  2. Paste specific text to base subject line and snippet on
    This optimizes a subject line and snippet based on your provided text to the input fields appearing.

Click on Generate to get three options of Optimized content to choose from. Select one, and the content will immediately be copied to the original delivery input fields of your message, as shown below.

EN AI subject snippet.png

EN AI subject snippet-2.png

The delivery options are still in step 2 of creating your message, so one step earlier than where you generate them with the AI tool. As usual, it is always possible to go one step back to still edit this text, to use personalization or to add an A/B test.

Iris_bord_onder_bullhorn.png Enjoy using our Generative AI tool!
It is still AI, so we want to encourage you to always carefully check the generated content. By yourself, and by others (such as your colleagues) with the help of test messages. If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact Support!