Automation messages

Under the tab Automation messages you can see all e-mail/or SMS messages that are included in an automatic campaign (e.g. a confirmation email).
If you record a message in an Automation, the message will be moved directly to this tab. This is to protect the messages, so you don't accidentally delete a message in an automated campaign.

It is not possible to delete campaign messages here. You can do this in the campaign itself or in the form. However, you can edit campaign messages here.

What's the difference between the Campaign Messages tab and Message automation?

As soon as you include a message in a campaign in the old Campaigns module, the message will end up in the overview of Campaign messages. If you have used a message in an automation (the module Automations), it will end up in the Automation messages tab. So let's say you've created a post for a welcome campaign and you've included this message in your automated campaign, it will move from the message overview to one of these tabs.