Spotler Mail+ Agency account

With a Spotler Mail+ Agency account you now also gain access to our new interface. In this article we describe the currect features.

Switch account

Users of an Agency account can now quickly switch between the accounts that are linked to the Agency-environment in the new interface. You do this in the Subaccounts module.

Subaccounts module-knop.png

In the Subaccounts module you see an overview of the linked accounts, with the name, account type, owner and last login date. You can log in to one of the accounts by double-clicking on it, or right-clicking and then clicking Login


You can also quickly switch from the Agency account, or one of the linked accounts, by clicking on Switch account in the bottom left corner of Mail+. This button is between the name of the currently logged in account and your username.

As soon as you click on this, a pop-up will open to switch between the accounts. The account type MailPlus Agency is also listed here, to easily return to the Agency account.

Wissel account-agency-EN.png