Force sending a mailing for franchisees

With a main franchise account, it is possible to force send mailings. This is useful when, for instance, a message you created and published has not been sent yet by the franchisee, while it should be. 

In this article we explain how to force send a mailing from the franchise main account in Spotler Mail+. To do so, you use the Publisher module and go through the following steps:

  1. Select the published mailing
  2. Select accounts
  3. Schedule mailing
  4. Check and confirm mailing

1. Select the published mailing

In the first step, you select the mailing that needs to be force sent. In the Publisher module, you find the mailings that have been published from the main account to the subaccounts of the franchisees. Keep in mind that the message needs to be published before. For more information on that, see the article 'Publishing a mailing for franchisees'.

Right-click on the specific mailing. In the dropdown menu that shows, click on Force send

Geforceerd verzenden-1-EN.png

2. Select accounts

Here, you select the subaccount(s) you want the mailing to be sent from.

Missing a subaccount in this overview?

You only see the accounts that have not sent the mailing yet, but do have the message status set to 'Final'. If a franchisee has already sent the mailing, it does not have to be force sent again.

For accounts with the message status set to 'Draft' or 'Test', the mailing also cannot be force sent. These accounts do not show up in this overview. This can be seen in the details of a publication, in which case it is a good idea to contact the franchisee.

You can either choose to select all subaccounts with one click, or select one or several concerning accounts.

Geforceerd verzenden-2-EN.png

3. Schedule mailing

In this step, you schedule the mailing to be sent. This can be immediately after conforming, or at a later time which you choose yourself.

Geforceerd verzenden-3-EN.png

4. Check and confirm mailing

In the final step, you check the mailing. Here you see the number of accounts from where will be force sent. Automatically this will be sent to the newsletter recipients of these subaccounts. You also see the send date and time of step 3.

By default, a notification is sent to the franchisee so that this user is aware of this action. You can add a comment if desired.

Geforceerd verzenden-4-EN.png

Finally, confirm that the mailing will be force sent by checking this box. Then click Save & Finish. The mailing is now being sent or scheduled to be sent to the selected franchise subaccounts.

Geforceerd verzenden-5-EN.png