Outlook compatibility when using background images

If you create a row in the messages editor with text and a button and you add a background image to it, the recipient may not see that background image in Outlook. Unfortunately, the use of background images at row level is not natively supported by most versions of Outlook.

It is therefore important to test your message thoroughly! A message can be displayed differently in Outlook than it does in Gmail, or Apple Mail, and so on.

However, by using specific code in the messages editor, called VML code, it is possible to display background images at row level in Outlook in the message editor. But using this code has its challenges, which is why this is an optional feature in the editor: Outlook support.2024-01-08_17h40_12.png

It is important to take the following factors into account when choosing to add this specific VML code:

  • Padding for elements on top of the image may not work as expected in Outlook. In this case it is recommended to use columns and spacers instead. That's why it is important to test thoroughly with different email clients.
  • Digital accessibility can come at the expense of the specific (VML) code. Screen readers may be unable to read the text on top of the image. In addition, you cannot apply ALT text to background images, which means a screen reader cannot describe the image either.

Is the desired image really indispensable for your message? Then add it as a standard image via the Elements tab by dragging the Image block onto your post. Read more about this here: How do I place an image in my message?