How do does the social sharing function works?

Only available in the old messages editor and in the Webpages editor

The goal of the social media icons that are included in an article is to share the content. The icons at the bottom of the mailing refer to the company pages on social media.

So, if the reader clicks on a social media button in an article, they can share the link of the article on their social media. If the reader clicks on one of the social media icons at the bottom of the mailing, for example on LinkedIn, they will be redirected to the LinkedIn company page of your organization.

Activate social sharing

You have an interesting link on your Spotler webpage or in your message and you want to give the reader the opportunity to share it on his or her social network. You can do this by creating a link with tracking. Then, in the block menu, you select the option Social media.


A pop-up window will appear. In the pop-up you can enter a name, add a description and select the link that can be shared. The name is for yourself, so you will see it in your Mailing report. The description will be pre-filled when a tweet/update is posted and on WhatsApp. That will therefore be visible to the recipient.


When you have determined which share options should be shown and you have selected the correct trackable link, click on "OK". You will now be able to see the social share icons in the content block.

Is the WhatsApp option not selectable? Then it has not been included in your template. Please contact Spotler Support if you want to use this function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the option Social media available in my content block?

Your content block is missing an external link with tracking. Create this link and the option Social Media will become available.

Why do I see social media icons in my content block when I have not activated them?
When editing a content block, the social media icons are always visible. This allows you to see where they will end up in your article. If the social media icons are gray, they are inactive, as you can see in the example below.
Why isn't it possible to share my article in the mailing?

The condition for activating social media is that a link with tracking is included in your content block. A trackable link is a link for which the clicks on the link are measured. Make sure you add a link in your content block. Add a link to the button by clicking on Insert/edit link.

Next, select External link with tracking. Now you can add Social media using the drop-down menu in the block bar.
What can I do if the social sharing buttons take up an unnecessary amount of space in an article?
Get started in Spotler to change the social sharing buttons that are always visible underneath the article. When creating your message, you have to option to leave the buttons or delete them. If you don't want them, select the buttons and click on Delete.
What is the purpose of the name and description of the Social media function?

The name you provide in the Social media function, will be displayed in your mailing report in Spotler. Give a recognizable name. Your recipient will not see this name. The description will be prefilled when placing a tweet / update. Contrary to the provided name, the description is visible to the recipient.