Placing tracking code Spotler Activate (formerly Squeezely)

Squeezely is now Spotler Activate. It is therefore possible that Squeezely is still visible in some places, while Spotler Activate is also mentioned in other places.

In order for Spotler Activate to function, it is required to place a tracking code on your website. This allows you to trigger events on your website from the Squeezely platform.

Retrieving tracking code

You can retrieve the code by going to the settings of your Spotler Activate account. Then click on Set up guide. You can copy the tracking code or view the code.

Tracking script.png

Place tracking code in the html of your website

Place the tracking code on your website in the section of the <Head></Head> HTML.

Place tracking code with Google Tag Manager

If you cannot or do not want to make a code change, you can also place the tracking code via Google Tag Manager. By means of an Account ID, Google Tag Manager knows which Spotler Activate account it should communicate with. Take the following steps:

  1. In Google Tag Manager, create a variable called: Spotler Activate-Account ID.


  2. For variable type, choose: Constant


  3. Open the unique Spotler Activate account ID. You can do this by going to Settings. Click on the gear at the bottom and then on Settings. 


    In the first screen you will see Account ID. Click on the eye to view the Account ID.

    Account id.png

    Copy a paste this ID into Google Tag Manager when configuring the variable.

    Unieke ID.png

  4. Create a new Tag named Spotler Activate - Base Script + Page View.

    Tag maken.png

  5. For Tag type, select Custom HTML

    Tag type.png

  6. Add the tracking code of the Spotler Activate platform and replace the AccountID in the script with the variable setting.

    Custom code aanpassen.png

  7. Select All Pages - Page View trigger to ensure that this tag is always triggered.

    All pages.png

Checking tracking code

When you have placed the tracking code you can click on the button I added the tracking code or App in the same settings. The code will then be validated. If you see an error message, please contact Support.