How to place a button on top of a banner in my email?

The button does not have to be edited into (background) image itself, but can be placed on top of your image as a separate element. This gives you the possibility to easily adjust text, without the need of replacing the whole image.

This way you also have the option to apply two or more columns, so you can combine the button with text in front of the background image.


Get started in Spotler

To place a button on top of your banner, you use a background image. Here's how to do so:

  1. Add a new section to your message and select the row. 
  2. Click on the slider at Enable background image in the window on the left.

    Enable background image.png

  3. Additional options for selecting and setting your background image now appear.


    Above, an image has been added as the background of the selected row. You can now play with the settings to adjust the background to your liking.

    With padding for example, you can enlarge the row to make the banner stand out nicely.


  4. When you have selected your image and set it to your liking, drag an element such as a button onto the background image. Or: copy, paste and drag a previously designed button from your message so it uses the same layout.