What is the difference between a section, a row and an element?

A message is structured with multiple content blocks. A content block has three layers: 

  1. Layer 1: Section
  2. Layer 2: Row
  3. Layer 3: Element

Below is a visual representation of a content block that shows the structure of all three layers. Within a section are rows, which contain elements: 


When you create a new content block, you drag a section onto the canvas first. Then, you add row(s) to the section, after which you drag and drop one or more elements into the row(s). You can find all layers in the menu of the messages editor as shown below: 

section rows and elements.png

Switching between layers

Have you finished the structure of your content block, but found that you need to change one of the layers? You can easily switch between an element, a row and a section by using the navigation menu: 

image navigation.png

Order as shown in the screenshot: Section > Row > Element (an image in this example)

Properties per layer

Layer 1 - Section

  • You always start with a section. You can find sections in the left hand side menu under Structures
  • When you add a section, a one-column row is inserted automatically. You can edit or delete this row or you can add extra rows. 
  • You can save a section as a content block for future use. All rows and elements within this section are automatically included. You can drag a saved section onto your canvas from the Content tab in the menu on the left. 
    save as block.png
  • A section covers the full width of your screen. If you set a background image or color to the section it will be shown full-screen. 

Layer 2 - Row

  • You always place a row within a section and you can place multiple rows in a section. You can find rows in the left menu under the Structures tab. 
  • You set up the number of columns you want to have in a row. On desktop. columns are shown next to each other and below one another on mobile devices. 
  • The width of a row is the same as your message (600, 800 or 900 pixels). When you set a background image or color of a row, it will only show in this part. 

Layer 3 - Element

  • Place an element in a row to add content to your message. Think of text, an image or a product block. You can find all available options under the Elements tab in the left menu. 
  • It is possible to add multiple elements in one row. 

Example of a content block

After deciding on the structure of a content block based on sections, rows and elements, you add content. Below is an example. Not satisfied with the result? No problem. You can easily modify the structure by dragging and dropping sections, rows and elements. 


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