Why does my contact has the status "Inactive"?

There are four reasons why your contact has an inactive status:

  1. Hard bounce: A hard bounce is an invalid email address, a misspelled email address or the email address does not exist (anymore). After sending a mailing to this email address, the hard bounce will immediately be made inactive.

  2. Soft bounce: A soft bounce is a contact with an unreachable email address. After several mailings with the status Soft Bounce, the contact will be made inactive.

  3. Opt-out: When a contact unsubscribes via a unsubscribe link in your mailing which creates a complete opt-out, the contact will be made inactive.

  4. Feedback loop: When a mailing is considered as unwanted, a contact may decide he or she does not want to receive it anymore. This is often done via a unsubscribe link or the recipient could mark the mailing as spam. Spotler has an agreement with a number of email providers such as Hotmail and Gmail to respect these spam reports. This means that a contact is made inactive when a mailing sent by Spotler is marked as spam.

A contact in the inactive file cannot be mailed anymore.