How do I set up a thank you page?

After completing a form, it would be nice if the respondent receives a confirmation as feedback. Click on the icon Thank you page settings.

<screenshot icoon>

Three options appear:

  1. Thank you page of the Form editor:
    A respondent will stay on the same page as where he or she filled in the form. The thank you text is displayed where the form was located. Next to the icon, you can also click on the page with the checkmark at the bottom of your form. Please note: you cannot export a form if it is linked with a thank you page of the Form editor.

  2. Thank you page from Webpages: 
    The respondent will be guided to a new page after submitting the form.  
  1. External thank you page:
    The respondent will be guided to a webpage, for instance to your website.

When a thank you page from the module Webpages is linked with a form, it will disappear from the overview of Webpages and appear in the overview of Thank you pages.