How do I personalize a subject line?

Create a personal subject line with the use of Personalization. Click the Personalize button, marked with {p}. Then select the contact field in Spotler you want to personalize. For instance: "Hi {First name}, here are your tickets".

Alternative value
When choosing your personalization field, you also get to fill in an alternative value. But why, and what should you fill in? 

When you are not sure that you have a complete databasefield for personalization for all your contacts, you want to use an alternative value. Say, you want to use personalization with a first name, but you don't have these of all your contacts, this is a great way to still make your subject line personal. 

So in the example above, you could say "cinema lover", instead of {First name}. This will make the subject line say "Hi cinema lover, here are your tickets" when your contact's first name is unknown.