How does Google Analytics work in Spotler and which settings should I use?

In Spotler it is possible to add Google Analytics values to your message. By adding these values you will be able to track the traffic on your website coming via your mailings.

There are two places in Spotler where you can add the Google Analytics values:

  • In the header of the editor with the function Analytics. Click on the icon:


    A pop up screen appears where you can add the values.


    The values can be centrally amended here.

  • Per trackable link it is possible to add values to distinguish the multiple links in your message.


Which Google analytics values should you add?

  • Campaign source: Name of the mailing in the module Mailings. For instance: NL_customers_Dec
  • Campaign name: Type of mailing and target group, for instance NL Customers
  • Campaign content: Provide your subject. For instance: Security
  • Campaign word: Name of the link. These details can be added per link. For recognition, use the same name as used for the trackable link.
  • Medium: email. This is automatically created by Spotler.

The Google Analytics settings of, for instance, your website will automatically detect these values. Below is an example how the link is constructed. Everything behind the question mark is provided by Spotler with the values you have entered.

Different values per link?

By default, the central values are passed in the background to every link you create in your message. Do you not want this because, for example, you refer to a web page of a partner and the link therefore has a unique tagging? Then check the box Deviate values per link.

Subsequently, the central fields can be adjusted per link. Spotler prefills the values that you have centrally indicated. But you now have the option to adjust the values.


Set up Google Analytics for an A/B test

Do you set up an A/B test and do you want to see what it does on your website? Then indicate the version at Campaign content: