How do I place an image in my message?

The messages editor works as a drag and drop editor. From the Elements tab, drop Image into your message. Follow the next steps for placing an image into your message:

    1. Go to the Elements tab in the left menu.
    2. Drag the Image block to the place in your message where you want the image to be visible.

      Afbeelding plaatsen EN.png

    3. Click on the empty image, so a new menu appears on the left side of the screen. Next, click on the Select button in the left menu, under Image content.

      Afbeelding selecteren EN.png

    4. A menu opens to select your actual image. First, you see the images previously uploaded in the Images module. You can also directly Upload images, use an External image by pasting the URL-link, or select an image from the Stock library.

      Afbeelding kiezen EN.png
      When you place an image, it is automatically scaled so that it fits neatly into your article. This happens based on the width of the image you are replacing. The height is automatically scaled so that your image remains in proportion. Choose the desired image and click OK. The image has now been placed in your message.
      Afbeelding in bericht.png

After the image has been placed, you still have the option to personalise or edit it. Click on the image in your message and two buttons will appear in the bottom corner of the image in the left menu. The left button is for image personalisation, the right button is to edit the image.

Afbeelding personaliseren en bewerken EN.png

Replacing an image in the messages editor

Replacing an image in your message works pretty much the same as placing a new image. You select the current image you want to replace. Then you click Select at the top of the left menu. Here you choose a new image, upload a new image, use an external image or one from the stock library. Choose the desired image and click OK.