Step 6: Sending a newsletter

Your newsletter is ready. The time has come: in this step you are going to send your newsletter. Sending a mailing is done via the module Mailings. Go to the module Mailings and click on the button New mailing. Go through the step-by-step plan that is initiated.



Tip.jpg Schedule a date and time for sending
When you are planning your mailing, you have the option to send it out immediately. This is not recommended. When you send out your mailing, no more changes can be made. Give yourself some time to be able to change your mind and possibly cancel the message. Besides, the time in the day you send out your newsletter is important. The more mailings you have sent, the better you will know what the ideal sending time is for your target audience.


In the last step you can perform a final check before scheduling your message. Is everything as it should be? Check the Confirm box and click on Save & Finish.


And voilà, your message has been scheduled for sending! On to the next message!

Need help? A more detailed instruction can be found in the module Mailings.