Step 4: Testing a newsletter

Your message is ready to be used in the module Messages. Before you send out your newsletter, we recommend you test it thoroughly. With the two following steps you can ensure that your message is optimized:

Message preview

Click on View in the menu of the newsletter.


In this preview it is  possible to check how your message will be displayed on different screen sizes (desktop, mobile, tablet). You can also check if your images, call-to-actions and/or headings contain a trackable link.. This can be done by checking the Show trackable links option.


Sending a test message

Only checking the preview is not enough. Test your message in your own inbox and those of your colleagues who are involved in the testing process. First add yourself and your colleagues to the test group. It is recommended to add email addresses from different email clients such as: Outlook, Gmail and Live mail. This way you will be able to see how your message will look like in each email client. Read more about adding contacts to a test group.

Now you can send out your test message. Use the drop-down menu behind your message in the Overview of the module Messages and click on Test.


The following options will become visible:

  1. Test group
  2. Single recipient


To conduct a thorough test, you should use Test group. Spotler recognizes the contacts that are added to the test group. This is convenient for checking personalization and service pages (change preferences and unsubscribe). This will not be possible if you choose the Single recipient option.

It is important that your colleagues know what is expected of them during the test, so you will achieve optimal results. 

Changing status

Finished testing and made the necessary changes? Change the message status to Final, so it is ready for sending. If you do not change the status to Final, the message will not appear in the module Mailings. This is to prevent Spotler from accidentally sending mailings that are not yet finished.

You can change the status to final by clicking the drop-down menu behind your message.


Now click on Change status. A popup appears:


Select the final status and click Ok.