Step 4: Composing a newsletter

In this fourth step you will  start composing your newsletter. Open the module Messages to do so.


Click on the New message button in the Overview. A step-by-step plan will be initiated.



Tip_hoedoejeditinSpotler.jpg Is your newsletter interesting enough to be opened?
Think of a clever Subject line. Based on the subject line, the reader will decide whether your newsletter is interesting enough to open. Make sure that the subject line reflects the most important content of your newsletter.


Tip_hoedoejeditinSpotler.jpg Choose first the right template
Choose the right template beforehand. In the editor of the module Messages you will see the dropdown-button with More. Click on the dropdown and you will see Change template. When you click on Change template, a popup appears containing a drop-down which you can use to, if available, load another template. For example, think of a template in a different language or of a different brand. Make your choice before getting started on your message to prevent your changes from being lost.

The module Webpages and module Messages are almost exactly the same. Read more about the editor in the instruction of the module Messages.