New image

As soon as you click the yellow button New image, a pop-up appears.


Underneath the heading Images you will see a marked field with a dotted line and a drop-down field below the heading Folders.

You can upload an image using one of the following two ways:

  1. Drag: drag your image from a location on your computer to the Images
  2. Browse: click on the Images field and browse to the right location on your computer.

The advantage of dragging is that you can efficiently and easily upload multiple images in one go.

The drop-down field underneath the heading Folder is used to choose a location for your uploaded image.

Waarschuwing.jpg Maximum size
The maximum image size that can be uploaded is 2 MB and the image must be of one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif and/or .png. The smaller the image in an email is, the faster it will load on the recipient’s end. This is why an image in Spotler which is used in an email can have a maximum file size of 100 KB. When you upload images larger than 100 KB a yellow warning icon will appear.