Step 5: Preparing the target audience

In the first step you will be working on your newsletter's target audience. This is done in the module Lists. This is the location where you can import, edit, manage and create dynamic lists (target audience filters). To import your contacts, you obviously first need a contacts file. An in-depth explanation on how to build your contacts file can be found in the description of the module Lists in the Preparing the file section.

Within Spotler it is possible to add contacts manually as well as to import a complete file. The last one is more efficient for importing a larger group of contacts.

In the module Lists you see the tab Import. Click on the tab Import.


Click on the yellow button New import and a step-by-step plan will start. Go through this step-by-step plan to import your file.

When you have finished the import, the contacts are added to the ‘main pile’ in the Contacts overview. Create a dynamic list based on demographic, geographic and profile data (assuming you have collected and imported these data). To do this, click on the New list button in the Dynamic lists overview.

This list will be used as the target audience for your newsletter. Read a more detailed instruction on all the steps how to create a dynamic list in the description of the module Lists.