Editor Images

Open the drop-down menu to edit the image. The editor of the Images module will open, which looks like this:


At the top of this screen you will find several editing options. We will explain the most frequently used options:

Button Function
 Module_afbeeldingen_Editoropties_Resize.png Enlarge/Shrink
Change your image size by enlarging or shrinking it.
 Module_afbeeldingen_Editoropties_Crop.png Crop
Crop your image.
 Module_afbeeldingen_Editoropties_Transform.png Transform
Rotate your image.
 Module_afbeeldingen_Editoropties_Draw.png Draw
Draw on top of your image. For example, accentuate parts of your image by drawing a circle around them with the pencil tool.
 Module_afbeeldingen_Editoropties_Text.png Text
Place text on top of your image.


Tip.jpg Best results when cropping and decreasing image size
When you are planning to crop as well as decrease the size of your image, make sure you do this in that particular order to achieve the best results. So, make sure to crop your image first before decreasing the size.