Sending your newsletter in 6 steps


A newsletter is a low-threshold way of keeping the attention of your target audience, building new relationships and strengthening current relationships. Besides that, it is interactive and measurable.

Mailings come in different forms. Think of a newsletter, action mailing, service messages or invitations. For the sake of clarity, in this instruction, we will just call it newsletter. But the below mentioned steps can be applied to any type of mailing.

How can I send a newsletter with Spotler

For sending your newsletter you need to perform several actions, such as: import contacts, compose, test and send the mailing. In total. there are 6 steps to successfully send your newsletter:

  1. Preparing images
  2. Creating webpages
  3. Composing a newsletter
  4. Testing a newsletter
  5. Preparing the target audience
  6. Sending a newsletter

Before you get started with these steps,we recommend that you prepare all the images, texts and contacts you will be needing beforehand.