On the left hand side, you will find a menu that includes the tab Content. This tab entails the following: 

  • Blocks in standardized formats that you can use to compose your message. Think of a block with a title, a text and a button. 
  • Saved blocks. You can create blocks and save them for future use. Spotler Mail+ can also make customized blocks for your message, such as a header or a footer for example. Contact us to find out more on what we can do for you. 

Click on the tab Content to see the options shown below: 


You will see the following: 

  • A search bar to find ready-made blocks and blocks you've created and saved. 
  • A dropdown menu that works as a filter. You can select which type of block you are looking for; ready-made or saved blocks. 
  • A visual representation of all the blocks available to you.